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Visit to The Project Futurus and Soft Meal Workshop

Our students joined “The Project Futurus and Soft Meal Workshop” on 2nd May 2023. During the visit, they were aware of the ageing problems and the elderly nursing home’s conditions in Hong Kong. The second part was a soft meal-making workshop. Our students had the opportunity to make shrimp dumplings and steamed rice rolls with barbecued pork. The learnt some essential self-care skills from this enjoyable meal-making workshop.


Here’s some extracts of comments from students after the activity:

“I have learnt how to make soft meal, take care of the elderly and be aware of their eating habits. It helps me to make delicious meals for my family, especially my grandparents, in the future.”


“It is essential to spread the idea of soft meals which can help a lot of the elderly. I also learnt that everyone has their own needs and we need to respect and understand others.”


“I have learnt how to make nutritious and delicious soft meals, and how they can benefit people in need, such as the elderly, the disabled or people who have digestive issues.”