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The 24th Parent-Teacher Association Annual General Meeting of True Light Girls’ College took place on 21st October, 2023. This event was attended by more than 200 parents and teachers who gathered to discuss important matters concerning their daughters’ education and well-being.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the guest speaker, Ms. Chan Man Yee, a renowned radio show-host, screenwriter, and actress. Ms. Chan delivered a compelling talk on the topic of “How to support my daughter during her adolescence”. Her expertise and insights provided valuable guidance to parents who are navigating the challenges of raising teenage girls. The talk was well-received and appreciated by the audience.

Following the talk, parents had the opportunity to engage in conversations with their daughters’ class teachers. This interaction allowed parents to gain a deeper understanding of their children’s academic progress and overall learning experience at school. The feedback from parents and teachers regarding these conversations and the talks delivered during the AGM was overwhelmingly positive.

The Parent-Teacher Association is committed to serving as a bridge between parents and the school community. Based on the favorable response received, the PTA is determined to continue organizing such meaningful events in the future. By fostering open communication and collaboration between parents and educators, the PTA aims to create a supportive and nurturing environment for the students of True Light Girls’ College.
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