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20240120 – Alumni Homecoming Day 2024

Our Alumni Homecoming Day took place on 20th January, 2024, providing a wonderful opportunity for our esteemed alumnae to gather once again at their beloved alma mater. The event commenced with the Annual General Meeting of the Alumni Association, where the dedicated members of the Executive Committee presented reports on the association’s affairs and outlined plans for a series of exciting activities and programs in the coming years.
Following the meeting, the Mentoring Programme’s Opening Ceremony unfolded, featuring ten accomplished alumnae who graciously shared their invaluable professional and life experiences with our S5 students. This interaction served as an inspiring platform for knowledge transfer and personal growth.

Moreover, the Alumni Association curated the delightful “True Light Market” in our school’s mini-hall from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. The market showcased the talents of our talented alumnae, with six stalls brimming with their exquisite handcrafted creations. To add to the festive atmosphere, participants were treated to delectable party snacks and refreshing drinks. The True Light Market proved to be a bustling hub of activity, drawing over 70 alumnae and teachers who exhibited unwavering support for both the school and the Alumni Association.

The Alumni Homecoming Day reinforced the enduring bond between our cherished graduates and the school community. It was a celebration of shared memories, achievements, and the everlasting spirit of our alma mater.