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S1 Discretionary Places – 中一自行分配學位 (2022/2024)

Parents of all successful applicants will be notified of their children’s inclusion in our Successful List for Discretionary Places by letter and phone on 27th March, 2024 (Wednesday).

Such notifications are not applicable to reserve and unsuccessful applicants, nor are the notifications the formal allocation results. The
parents concerned need not reply to the notifications.

The results of the application will be released at the same time with the SSPA Central Allocation results announced by the EDB on 9th July, 2024 (Tuesday). Applicants need not make any enquiries before the announcement of results.

本校將於2024 年 3 月 27 日(星期三)透過書面及電話通知所有正取學生的家長其女兒已獲學校納入自行分配學位正取學生名單內。

有關的通知安排不包括備取及落選學生,亦非正式的派位結果,家長無 需就有關通知作任何回應。

正式取錄名單,將隨教育局於 2024 年 7 月 9 日(星期二)公佈統一派位及自行分配學位結果時一起公佈,申請人無需於該日前來電或到校查詢。