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S1 Discretionary Places – 中一自行分配學位 (2022/2024)

1. All applicants of Secondary One Discretionary Places (2022/2024) have been invited by post to attend an interview to be held on the morning of 2nd March, 2024 (Saturday).
2. All interviewees should leave sufficient time to ensure they will arrive at the school for the interview before the Reporting Time. Late comers will NOT be entertained.
3. All interviewees should first register in the School Hall. Original copies of the identification documents with applicant’s photo attached (such as HK Identity Card / P6 Student Handbook / Student Card) should be produced with the Invitation Letter upon registration.
4. The interview will last approximately 50 minutes.
5. On entering the school premises, all interviewees are reminded to follow the instructions of the school staff.
1. 本校已郵寄書面通知給所有中一自行分配學位申請者,邀請其出席於2024年3月2日(星期六)上午舉行的面試
2. 參與面試的學生必須預留足夠時間,以確保於報到時間前到達本校,遲到者將不獲接見
3. 參與面試者須先前往本校禮堂登記,並須出示面試通知信,連同附有學生相片的身份証明文件正本(兒童身份證/小六學生手冊/小六學生証)。 4. 總面試時間約為五十分鐘。
5. 進入校園時,需依從學校工作人員指示。