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A Talent Pool

To unleash our students’ talent, our school has offered a great number of diversified trainings for the girls. A Talent Pool embodying the eight domains – Art, Chinese, English, Leadership, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education and Science, has been established so that students’ potentials in various multiple intelligences can be effectively identified.

Apart from our systematic school-based training programmes, students in the Talent Pool with exceptional performance will be select to enroll in the programmes offered by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, the Education Bureau and local institutes or universities.
We have been catering for learning diversity with provision of Gifted Education, including classroom workshops on Multiple Intelligence and Learning Style, school-based pull-out programmes on Affective Education, Leadership Programme, AYP Scheme for S4-S6, The Stage – A Showcase for Gifted and Talented, school-based subject-wise enrichment programmes, and mentoring programmes. Besides, we have organised a learning community called Talent Enlighten Alliance (TEA) Club. The aim of TEA is to promote the whole-person development. It also fosters the communication of Talent Enlightening Ambassador - a representative of each class - to invite students to participate in multiple programmes organised by Gifted Education Committee with hope to discover, develop and display students’ talents.

Youtube Channel

Here is our Youtube channel for a better understanding of the gifted education in our school:
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