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Inter-School Swimming Competition (Division III K2)
Tang Pak Lam (2B)
Girls C 50m butterfly – 3rd runner-up
Kong Sze Ying (3B)
Girls B 50m backstroke – 2nd runner-up
Girls B 100m freestyle – 3rd runner-up
Tong Chung Ki (1A)
Cheng Tin Wai (1B)
Kwok Wing Nam (1C)
Tang Pak Lam (2D)
Girls C 4X50 medley relay – 2nd runner-up
Fung Wing Cheung (3B)
Kong Sze Ying (3B)
Lee Ho Ying (3C)
Chan Wing Yi (4B)
Girls B 4X50 medley relay – 3rd runner-up
Fung Wing Man (5A)
Li Tsz Ching (5B)
Tung Ka Wai (5C)
Yeung Cheuk Lam (6D)
Girls A 4X50 medley relay – 1st runner-up
Girls C Overall – 2nd runner-up
Girls A Overall & Girls Overall – 1st runner-up

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