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Heart-to-Heart Energizing Campaign (心連心打氣大行動)
Under the Heart-to-Heart Energizing Campaign, launched by the Career Guidance Committee in mid-June with the support from our Principal (Mr. Tam Kim Hung), Vice-Principals (Mr. Fong Wing Sum and Ms. Lai Yuk Kwan), Class Teachers, Subject Teachers and the PTA, a number of activities were organized after school resumption. The purpose of the Campaign is to provide our students with support to help relieve their increasing pressure from both their studies and the need of adapting to school life after school suspension.

The Campaign comprised three parts. First, our S.1 students were given gift bags containing stationery and candies sponsored by our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) as well as cards bearing messages written by their S.4 school sisters. Then, our S.3 students were given encouraging messages from the Principal, Vice-principals, Class Teachers and Subject Teachers as well as gift bags sponsored by the PTA. For our S.2 and S.5 students, they were all given cards of supporting messages written by their Class Teachers and Subject Teachers.

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