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S1 Orientation Day and S1 Parent-Child Orientation Night 2019-20
The S1 Orientation Day offered a great opportunity for parents to understand more about our school history, learning and teaching environments, pastoral care and supporting services for S1 students. More than 200 parents attended the event to show their dedicated support for their daughters. Parents and teachers were touched by all S1 students who walked on stage and put “A Letter to My Future Self” in a designated box. The letter, comprising their genuine feelings at the present moment and plans for their future, will be given back to them at their Graduation Ceremony in six years’ time. During their meeting with S1 class teachers and the school tour, parents learned from the teachers and school ambassadors more about the school environment, students’ activities, and the school curriculum.

The S1 Parent-Child Orientation Night was held in cooperation with the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) in the evening to offer a precious chance for S1 students and their parents to communicate with the teachers. It helped strengthen their relationship with the school. Around 280 participants enjoyed an evening of fun and laughter.

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