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Lantern Passing Ceremony cum S6 Form Association Night
The Lantern Passing Ceremony was held in the evening of June 28 as a way to carry on and live up with the long tradition and history of True Light. During the Ceremony, our Form Six graduates passed the True Light Lantern to current Form Five students. It symbolised the succession and perpetuation of the school’s spirit and legacy.

The Ceremony was followed by Yi Yun Form Association Night which saw the audience enjoy some laudable performances of our S6 girls reflecting on many of their memorable experiences at True Light Girls’ College. Each class of S6 showed the class videos they produced, showing sweet memories of their learning experiences at True Light while expressing their gratitude to the school and their teachers. The Night was ended with a drama performance, telling a story of True Light girls inspired with the School Vision – Think Independently, Learn Proactively, Grow in Love and Contribute to Society. Their brilliant performance was well received by the audience.

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