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True Light Girls’ College 45th Anniversary Celebration Programme
Guangzhou True Light STEM Education Exchange Tour

With an aim to broaden students’ horizon of STEM education , thirty-six S.2 to S.4 students from our school joined the Guangzhou True Light Stem Education Exchange Tour, where they could attend workshops and participate in various engaging activities with 36 students from Guangzhou True Light Secondary School from 15th – 16th March, 2018. Four STEM workshops were co-organized by the two schools. The workshops included Glockenspiel workshop, Trotting Horse Lamp workshop, Microbit Workshop and Light Sensing Car DIY workshop. In the workshops, students could learn how to use many new tools and apparatus. It was a precious experience to equip students with skills and knowledge about STEM. Students also visited Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou Subway Museum and Guangdong Science Centre, where they could gain a better understanding of the history of Guangdong, science and technology. In this tour, students could get an insight into STEM education and appreciate the rapid development of Mainland China, which could encourage them to think more independently and innovatively.

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