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End of School Year Ceremony
The End of School Year Ceremony, the occasion on which students reaped the hard-earned fruit they had harvested in their studies and from the dedicated service they had rendered to the school, was held on 14th July 2017. Mr Tam Kim Hung, our Principal, brought to a close the school year by congratulating our girls on their heaps of accomplishments and encouraging students to stand tall and embrace future challenges. The ceremony also saw the recognition of the long dedicated service of our teachers and school staff who had served the school for ten years or more. At the end of the ceremony, we bade fond farewells to our retiring teacher, Mr Lam CM, other teachers, associate teachers, the school missionary and the school social worker who would leave the school. On behalf of all students, the Student Union had also presented them gifts as a token of thanks for their guidance and teaching through the years.

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