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True Light Joint-school Summer Study Tour to UK 2017
On 26th July, 2017, 24 of the True Light students set off on a 16-day study tour to the UK aiming to participate in a wide array of excursions and workshops in order to enhance their ability to communicate in English and build up their confidence in learning. During the study tour, students visited numerous famous tourist spots, such as The British Museum, The House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Globe Theatre, Buckingham Palace and so on. It was a truly eye-opening experience as students were immersed in the European cultures and browsed through iconic museums and attractions.

During the stay in England, students produced a course magazine and engaged in a variety of group activities such as English drama production, poetry compositions, presentations and musical appreciation. Homestay experience at a local host family also gave them an excellent opportunity to speak English and boost their confidence in communication.

All students were able to gain valuable learning experiences and a new perspective on things as they built a connection to the culture and place. All participants can't wait to grasp the next cultural exchange opportunity!


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