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44th School Anniversary Thanksgiving Service & S1 Form Association Inauguration Ceremony
The annual School Anniversary Thanksgiving Service and S1 Form Association Inauguration Ceremony were held in the presence of prominent guests including Ms Ho Mo Ki, the Chief School Development Officer of Yau Tsim Mong District, and our School Managers. They presented prizes to our students to commend them for their exceptional achievements.

Subsequent to the Service, a new S1 Form Association, ‘Heng Pu’ Association, was formed with its unique traditional motto, flower and colours. These traditional symbols are preserved, together with the “Sister Forms” system, to promote sisterhood, and mutual ties and support between Form One and Form Four students. Through preparing for and staging the performances, all ‘Heng Pu’ members were hoped to learn and work with perseverance, make progress in their studies and face all challenges ahead with confidence in the name of God.

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