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Publication of Our Teams, Our Dreams
Our Physical Education Subject Panel endeavours to arrange for our students various learning experiences to help them develop their physical competence, acquire knowledge on different sports and safety precautions, cultivate generic skills as well as nurture positive values and attitudes. Apart from experiencing a wide range of sports in PE lessons, our students also engage in life-wide learning through participating in different sports activities and competitions.

To share our students’ energetic and precious moments in sports, the booklet
Our Teams, Our Dream was published in May 2017 by the Physical Education Subject Panel. The booklet records the learning experiences and outstanding achievements of our students in different sports competitions. We hope that through participation in various sports activities, our students can gain rewarding learning experiences, and most importantly, develop the invaluable True Light Girls’ Qualities: ‘Fitness, Perseverance, Modesty, Dedication, Versatility, Awareness, Sacrifice and Illumination’.

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