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07 & 08.04.2017
True Light 145th Anniversary Homecoming Tour to Guangzhou
To celebrate the 145th Anniversary of True Light, a 3-day homecoming tour to our Alma Mater in Guangzhou, joined by members of the Parent-Teacher Association and the Alumni Association as well as our student leaders, was taken from 7th to 9th April 2017. On the tour, participants retraced the footsteps Ms Harriet Noyes took to found the True Light Seminary to provide woman education and ministry in South China in God’s love and kindness.

Our whole company was warmly welcomed by members of our sister True Light schools in Guangzhou, and the visit was much enriched with campus tours, observation of extra-curricular activities and dining with the hosts from Guangzhou True Light schools. Though brief, the homecoming tour was certainly a priceless and unforgettable experience which left behind great memories and steadfast friendships.

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