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S1 Form Association Inauguration Ceremony
The S1 Form Association Inauguration Ceremony was successfully held on 21 April, 2015. The Chairperson of the Form Association, Maegan Chan, and the Vice-chairperson, Kitty Lee, delivered an inspiring speech on their aspiration for and dedication to the Form Association. S1 students celebrated this important event by putting up impressive performances in different areas, including music, choral speaking, dance and drama. The Form Association has its name “Xu Jing” in mandarin. “Xu” refers to the rising sun at day break while “Jing”, with three suns in its Chinese character, carries the meaning of a shining light. It is hoped that all the members will work diligently like the rising sun and strive for excellence. “Xu Jing” also echoes our school motto, “Thou art the light of the world”, which encourages each and every member to shine as light for one another and to illuminate the world. The Association motto is “日昇月恆”, which teaches all members us to be persevering, resilient and patient, particularly when working towards their goals.

Thou art the light of the world

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