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Odyssey of the Mind World Finals Fundraising Sponsorship
Six S5 students of our school joined the Odyssey of the Mind Hong Kong Regional Tournament 2019 in March 2019 and won the Champion in the competition. The students have been given the golden opportunity to join the World Finals which will be held in United States (US) in May, 2019. However, it is very difficult for students to afford such huge cost of travelling to US to join the competition. Therefore, a fundraising will be held to raise money to assist students to join the competition. Details of the competition are shown below:

Dates of Odyssey of the Mind World Finals : 20/5/2019 to 27/5/2019
Venue :Michigan State University, US

Odyssey of the mind is a creative problem-solving competition and participants are exposed to extensive STEM (Science, Teachnology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning opportunities. In the competition, students work together to solve two problems. The first problem is called a long-term problem. Using several months, we need to build a 15-g tower made of balsa wood and toss the tower with a handmade launcher before a loading test. We also need to present our solution by performing an 8-minute drama on the competition day. The second problem is a spontaneous problem. Participants need to solve the problem creatively within a short period of time.
We hope to raise 160 thousand Hong Kong dollars to fulfill the expenditure to US. The expenses include the charges for accommodation, study tour, US Visa application fee, uniform, flight arrangement and airport taxes. Please refer to the following details:

Fundraising Targets:
(1) Return flight arrangement (Economy) with all airport tax and surcharge $90,000
(2) Lodging and meals $50,000
(3) Sight-seeing transportation and others (e.g. uniforms and pins set) $10,000
(4) US Visa application fee $10,000
Total: $160,000

To show our gratitude, names of sponsors will be appeared as names of characters, in props or display in the competition. Your generous contributions will be gratefully appreciated as a great help to the school to meet the fundraising targets. A tax deduction receipt will be issued when a donation of over a hundred dollars is made. For special donations, please do not hesitate to contact the school principal. Thank you for your continued support for the school.

Odyssey of the Mind World Finals Fundraising Sponsorship Form

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