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“Spread the Love” Arts Festival – the Blue Blood (Drama)
The drama was produced by Theatre Noir. It was about how Blue Blood (the main character) had been bullied and discriminated by the community due to his unique skin colour and background. Through the drama, the students were stimulated to have the second thought of what they could do in accepting and caring about differences in the community. They were also given an opportunity to share their opinions in creating a harmonious society in the drama workshop.
18.12.2012 Movie Premiere, The Warriors of Qiugang (Co-organized with Chi Heng Foundation & Sponsored by Rotary Club of Bayview Sunshine Hong Kong)
Ruby Yang, a noted Chinese-American filmmaker, was invited to join the Premiere at our school. The movie was about a group of villagers including Zhang filed a lawsuit against a chemical company which destroyed the community environment. For five years, they fought to transform their environment and as they did, they found themselves transformed as well. The movie was nominated for the 2011 Academy Award for Documentary Short. Yang, the Director of this movie, also shared with the students the making of this film in the function as well. The film arouses students’ awareness to spread their love to the environment and think of ways to protect their community.

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