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Young Talents from Hubei
An elite group of five young talents from the Hubei province were invited to share with our students their valuable life experiences and their key to success. They were Mr. Cai Yingheng, the Executive Director of C-Bons Group, Mr. Xu Yunfeng, a professor of Chinese People’s Police University, Miss Cheng Fei, a former Chinese gymnast who was the World Champion on the vault (2005–2007) and 2006 World Champion on floor exercise as well as a key member of the gold medal-winning Chinese teams for several international sporting events, Mr. Zha Xiongquan, a senior engineer specialized in Space Technology and Miss Lang Kun, a lecturer of Wuhan University of Technology. They all attributed their success to lots of hard work and great perseverance, which inspired our students to strive hard for their goals in life.

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